GrowthCat at InfluencerCon

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

GrowthCat is thrilled to have attended Influencercon at HICC Hitex, Hyderabad.

Influencercon provided us with a platform to connect with celebrity influencers and industry experts. We had the opportunity to meet, learn, and make some unforgettable memories, as promised by the organizers.

With the ever-changing nature of social media, Influencercon was the place to be. As a premier event for all social media marketers as well as influencers, they presented a networking platform for thousands of marketing professionals.


As a digital marketing agency, we were ecstatic to connect with the influencers at the event. Apart from networking, the speakers shared their personal experiences and the mistakes that they had made in their life, along with how they were able to deal with them. Influencers like Raj Singh Arora, Kusha Kapila, Sejal and Dolly Singh shared valuable insights on how they were able to reach where they are today.

Influencercon Day 1 kicked off with Kusha Kapila (Billi Maasi) and her antique aunty jokes and it was a delight! Thanks to her 1.8 million subscribers, Sejal Kumar was a sensation to all Hyderbadi’s including GrowthCat’s entire team. As part of IndiaJoy Festival 2019, that brought together well-known online entertainment-focused events such as IGDC (India Game Developer Conference), ESL eSports competitions, Desitoonz, OTT Pulse, VFXSummit and most importantly, InfluencerCon, the non-profit event was partly funded by the Telangana Government. Sejal Kumar was one of the 40 + speakers who participated in discussion sessions with the gathering.

A panel with heads of networks for content-sharing such as Winkl, Kofluence and Tamada Media shared their insights on how content creators and influencers are able to use different platforms to showcase their ideas and skills, and we, as a community of creators, look forward to sharing our journey and networking with people from the same space. Today, social media influencers are a marketing powerhouse because they can harness real influence over different demographics.


“Social media and entertainment are all about developing and adapting! Every now and then I learned to change my content quickly to keep my content interesting. Over the years I've tried a lot of new and different formats. My content has also been diversified from fashion to music, dance and skits. Another thing I've learned is not personally taking the trolls and comments. There can be a lot of hate online, but it's something I've learned to keep a cool head and keep creating”, says Sejal Kumar.

As the day progressed, we were so keen on attending every discussion/workshop, that we missed lunch, and it was worth it! We asked questions to panel members like Rajat Sharma, Viraj Ghelani, Karan Talwar, and Wasim from Round to hell; the response we received was very enlightening. Rajat talked about how it is important to not let anyone hold you back with their comments or judgements and the whole “log kya kahenge” concept. More importantly, “don’t overthink it. We know that there’s plenty of content out there and somewhere, somebody must have had the same idea as we did, but that should not hold you back”.

He emphasized how we are all in a unique space, so we should let the creativity flow! “Aren’t we all aware that people can’t copy our personality? We’ve learnt that in anything you do, it’s essential to add a part of “you” in your work. It’s okay to take inspiration from someone else’s content, but it’s important that we curate our own content from a fresh perspective. Eventually, it’ll work!”

Considering that food photography is a huge thing these days, Influencercon delivered a workshop dedicated to the topic. Trishanta talked about the design, colours, and appropriate props for food photography. Our very own food blogger at GrowthCat, @nomadiccurry was able to relate, and we all learnt something new about photography.

With over 500 delegates, where everyone seemed very eager to engage with people and generate as many likes and shares as possible, we were very happy to see how down to earth and honest the speakers were. As much as paparazzi killed our buzz (we’re kidding), we managed to get a couple of pictures with some of the speakers, and we’re glad to have been a part of this event.

GrowthCat is looking forward to collaborating with these growing influencers, and we’re already excited for Influencercon 2020!


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