Am I Eligible to Work With GrowthCat?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Make sure you take the following courses before applying for our internship. Having at least one of the below certifications is mandatory to work with GrowthCat.

Paid Courses:

We prefer students with qualifications from these paid courses over the free ones. Please ensure you get yourself trained in digital marketing before applying for our internship.

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree: We place the highest trust in this program.

Udemy Digital Marketing Masterclass: This is an affordable, comprehensive course for aspiring digital marketers.

Free Courses:

Here are some great free courses to help you learn Digital Marketing:

Hootsuite's Social Media Marketing Course: This is a free course under the specific head of Social Media Marketing.

Hubspot's FREE Digital Marketing Courses: They have 9 certifications under the 'Marketing' Category. The more your certifications, the more chance you have at being selected.

Important Note:

We do not consider Coursera's Digital Marketing Specialization as it is mostly a theoretical course, and neither covers any of the important heads under the subject of digital marketing, nor does it offer any meaningful practice for aspiring digital marketers. Please take one of the above certifications instead.

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