Frequently Asked Questions About Our Internship Program

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Planning to intern with us? We have some frequently asked questions answered for you!

What is the duration of the Internship ?

The duration of the internship is for four weeks.Based on your performance, we provide a training offer to you for 3 months and meanwhile you will also be expected to complete a course on digital marketing. At the end of the 3 months, your performance will be analysed, and after that an employment contract is offered.

Should I bring my own laptop to work ?

Yes , you are expected to bring your own laptop and other essentials like stationery, etc according to your needs.

Is this a paid internship? How does the compensation work ?

Yes, this is a paid internship.The amount details will be conveyed to you when you are selected as an intern.Your bank account details will be collected accordingly.

What will my internship hours and weekly schedule be ?

Any employee or the intern is expected to work from 9am to 7pm.And we are working from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a holiday.

What will a typical day look like ?

You will be allotted work related to one or two clients depending on your area of expertise.There will be daily targets set for you beforehand

What is the dress code ?

There is no dress code as such.

Is there any office vehicle provided ?

No , we do not provide any kind of transportation.

How does my Lunch Break work ?

The lunch is provided by the office which consists of a traditional South Indian meal (Rice, daal, curries and curd). But, if you wish to you can carry your own box too.

Is parking available ?

Yes, there is enough space to park your vehicle.

Is there any accommodation provided to the interns ?

No , the company doesn’t provide any kind of accommodation.

Is any placement provided after the internship ?

Yes , at the end of your term of internship , a training contract for 3 months may be offered to you on the basis of your performance. At the end of your 3 months, your performance assessment will be done and an employment opportunity may be offered to you .

Is certificate provided ?

Yes , the certificate is provided.

Is there a scope of growth in terms of the work I manage?

Absolutely! Your work is not limited to your job description. Every employee in the company takes tasks across domain areas to increase their skill inventory.

Is there a work from home policy?

Yes, you should inform your manager well in advance on the days you'll be working from home. Once it is approved, you can work from home.

Is this a remote internship?

No you have to come to the Hyderabad office and work from the office. If you're based outstation, you would have to relocate for the purposes of the internship.

I am still pursuing an education degree. Can I apply to this internship?

If your college or University permits you to work, you can. But if you're only available for a month, then this is not the right internship for you as we look to have a long term association with our interns.

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