Here's how our first press interview went - Featured by GlobalLinker

We at GrowthCat aim to be growth partners for start-ups and small brands and we want to use our expertise to catalyze their growth, hence the name GrowthCat.

GrowthCat was featured on GlobalLinker for our first press interview and we couldn't be more excited about the platform they have provided us to reach out to so many more professionals.

CEO of GrowthCat, Vensy Krishna speaks to GlobalLinker (GL) about the challenges faced by GrowthCat and how GlobalLinker has helped the company by offering platforms for young startups to connect with others.

GrowthCat has a binding recruitment process where all applicants must have a certain education qualification in Digital Marketing before applying to our internship program, followed by a training contract for the best performers. We are very excited for some upcoming projects and we hope to put in our best efforts and provide an excellent service to our future clients all the way from Digital Marketing to Analytics. As mentioned in our interview, to run a successful business it’s important to have these three resources in some amount : Time, Money and Effort. We, at GrowthCat are looking forward to working with young talented minds to bring data-driven communication strategy to the current market.

Read further to get to know the person behind GrowthCat and some advice on how to become an entrepreneur.

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